Launching Deals

Supplier’s Terms

We work as a limited agent for third-party suppliers in securing for you the very best in online deals and products for which you purchase products, tickets, reservations, or vouchers.  Before making a purchase on the website, please carefully review the "Details" section of the product's page before purchase.  The supplier’s redemption, billing, and renewal (if applicable) policies may vary.  In all cases we are providing access to the suppliers' product or service — not the product itself. We have no control over the suppliers' products or services. Your dissatisfaction with a supplier's product or service shall be addressed with the applicable supplier; and any refunds or exchanges shall be governed by the terms and conditions of each supplier’s policy.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of Launching Deals Support before you make your purchase.

Launching Deals Membership

Launching Deals annual memberships are non-refundable.  You will receive an email notification in advance of your membership's renewal and will be directed to your Subscriptions page where you may reschedule your renewal or cancel your membership.  Pause your membership at any time by visiting your Subscriptions page, or by contacting Launching Deals support.

Goods & Services Refund Policy

Once an order is placed it cannot be canceled - all sales are final and non-refundable unless otherwise stated in the “Details” section of your purchased deal.

We may provide promotional credit only if we are notified of one of the following reasons within 3 days of purchase: (1) the wrong item was delivered, (2) your items arrive in poor condition, or (3) your order is never delivered. Check the fine print details on the deal page to see if your item may be eligible for a promotional credit. 

Please reach out to us at so that we can track and report any of these issues and try to provide some value for a future order. Our team is here to help every step of the way!